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Our vision at Omni Treasury is to make sure that we give all businesses in the USA an opportunity to live the American dream & grow their business, the smarter way! We guide our clients into being masters at leverage, which give them the resources they need to execute any plan or strategy they have in mind!

Omni Treasury was created in 2017 to put business owners in the best position possible, to leverage capital & other tools for company growth. Over the time of seeing success, we decided to incorporate credit repair to ultimately make sure you receive the best terms in the industry !

Omni Treasuries founder(s) have over 5 years in the financial banking space. We are premier lenders who specialize in understanding our clients vision & make sure we turn it to reality strategically!

We started working with Aspiring Business owners & Start Ups in 2018 due to the high demand of affordable capital needed which couldn’t be obtained by a bank.

Guarantee to have financing that fits your direct need!

What Our Clients are Saying

There is literally no other Financial services company that will actually be patient enough to work with you until your credit profile is in a position to receive funding!

Felix Hernandez

I originally started working with omni treasury on a MCA loan. After being profitable with the service & wanting to renew, the President William Johnson informed me of a better route to go based on my business model which was a more affordable line of Credit.

Jasmin Jones

Omni Treasury has been a true blessing to my business.

Desmond White


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